Entries from December 2011

Field Studies with the NUS Marine Lab

Date December 19, 2011

False-clown anemonefish (Amphiprion ocellaris) While many people on holiday during this season slept in on this stormy and miserably wet morning, a group of biologists and volunteers like myself, trudged down to Pulau Hantu for a little exploration. The order of the day was to do a survey of gobies and sand-divers, and retrieve some […]

Crabs, Chromodoris, Cardinals, and Cimbiolas

Date December 19, 2011

We’ve got the 4C’s! Hantu Blog diver, Jimmy Goh, who’s used to taking great photographs for us of the reef and it’s inhabitants, puts together a video of the highlights from this weekend’s dive during the cold and overcast monsoon weather. See more amazing photos and videos of Singapore‚Äôs sea life first on our Facebook […]

Palm-sized Melibe

Date December 4, 2011

Pseudoceros flatworm. Photo: Joshua Tan By Hantu Diver, Joshua Tan I last visited Hantu on 26November. Visibility then was pretty bad, around 1 metre; I could barely see the tip of my fins. Currents were pretty strong as well, Sargassum seemed in full bloom. This weekend however, visibility was good, around 3-plus meters, and currents […]

Ria Tan at the National Geographic Store

Date December 3, 2011

Ria Tan gave a wonderful and inspiring talk today at the National Geographic Store at Vivocity. Together with the crowd that included grandparents and children, Ria took us to explore some remote, and not-so-remote coastlines in Singapore, all in air-conditioned comfort! The crowd 00hed and ahhed as Ria went though a small collection of photographs […]

Green, Mean, Awesome Machines of the Sea!

Date December 3, 2011

Marine biologist Siti M. Yaacub will be giving a talk about sea grasses at the National Geographic Store at VivoCity next Saturday, 10 December, at 2.30PM. Seagrass meadows are one of the most productive ecosystems on earth but ask around and chances are, no one knows what they are! Are they algae? Are they seaweed? […]