Entries from October 2012

Slipper Lobster

Date October 30, 2012

Slipper lobsters are a family of decapod crustaceans found in all warm oceans and seas. Despite their name, they are not true lobsters, but are more closely related to spiny lobsters and furry lobsters. Slipper lobsters are instantly recognisable by their enlarged antennae, which project forward from the head as wide plates.

Filefish Feeding

Date October 30, 2012

Filefish, wrasses, and damselfish, gather over the carcass of a huge prawn that was recently discarded by fishermen. The carcass, which has fallen into a tight crevice, does not make for easy pickings and the fish at this point, seem hesitant to enter the dark crevice despite the prospect of an easy meal. They do […]

Talks at National Junior College High

Date October 30, 2012

As part of National Junior College High’s Science & Discovery Day, the Hantu Blog gave a talk to some 200 Junior High students, over two sessions.

Damselfish Nesting

Date October 24, 2012

Neopomacentrus filamentosus is an egg-laying species. The male fish in this video appears to be establishing a territory. It does so by cleaning a rocky ledge or coral surface. The male fish will court the female and encourage her to swim to the cleaned spot. During the actual spawning, the female will deposit her eggs […]

Tigertail seahorse feeding

Date October 23, 2012

A Tigertail seahorse Hippocampus comes, feeds as it remains well hidden within the reefs of Singapore’s Pulau Hantu. At 0:20, the seahorse turns to look at the camera, then at 1:17 it spots something below it and begins to sway, slowly extending its body with each sway, eventually extending itself all the way to grasp […]

Copper-banded Butterflyfish Feeding

Date October 19, 2012

A pair of Copperband Butterflyfish, Chelmon rostratus, feeding along the reefs of Singapore’s Pulau Hantu. Butterflyfishes are corallivores, that means they eat coral. As such, the species is used as an environmental indicator for the health of a reef.

Cuttlefish, Pipefish & Seahorses

Date October 15, 2012

Divers were treated to a grand presentation of underwater Pulau Hantu this weekend, possibly the best presentation this whole year! With an extraordinary seven meter visibility, we took the opportunity to explore new and deeper parts of the reef. We literally got to see the reef “in a new light”! One of our volunteers, Edwin […]