Entries from May 2013

Pinna, Porifera, and Pseudobiceros' Penises

Date May 13, 2013

I’ve always thought these Blue-lined flatworms (Pseudoceros sp.) get their Latin name Pseudo- “not genuine” and Ceros- “horn” because they do not have “true horns”, that is, feelers. Those pinches at the top of their bodies that serve as sensory organs similar to antennae. Then I started getting confused because there is another genus of […]

Clownfish Catfight

Date May 8, 2013

What happens when a pair of female anemonefish meet?

Wild About Nature

Date May 6, 2013

Nature groups have sprung up, holding walks, talks and scientific surveys. And interest in these activities is rising too. By Lea Wee Straits Times 5 May 13;

Karung Guni Gobi & Streamlining Crinoids

Date May 2, 2013

After a week of stormy weather, the sky finally cleared up for our Labour Day dive! Despite it not having rained the night before, the limited 2-3 meter visibility we had today was some indication of the effect of April storms on our reef. Yet reef life appeared unfazed. We entered the water as the […]