Crabs, cuttlefish and great company

Date July 9, 2023

In the city, we live with our backs to the sea. Busy with malls, streets and city pursuits, most of us forget what a treasure we have out here in Singapore. Today I was privileged to guide some divers on their first experience in Singapore reefs. Nature threw us a curve ball, and the visibility was absolutely challenging for the Open Water divers. “That’s Nature!” Steffie remarked. She’s right. Like meeting someone new for the first time, there can be lots of anxiety that surrounds the experience; unfamiliar environments, unknown expectations, and just bad weather! A good attitude is what helps us learn and discover a new place, and appreciate it with all of its blemishes! To get to known Pulau Hantu’s reefs better, visit often to experience all her the seasons! Divers saw nudibranchs, octopus, silver moonies, cuttlefish, groupers, and yellow-backed fusiliers cruising the shallow reefs during the outgoing tide as they fed in a frenzy.

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