Entries from July 2012

Anemone City

Date July 29, 2012

If anyone’s looking for Nemo, he’s in Anemone City – a reef slope along one of Singapore’s patch reefs with a huge cluster of anemones!

Sedimentation on Pulau Hantu Reef Slope

Date July 29, 2012

In the previous post, we shared how a section of Hantu Island’s reef slope has succumbed to the impact of sedimentation. Just three years ago, this part of the reef was alive with Goniopora coral, as the picture below shows. Today it is covered in silt, algae and strings of mucous from the stressed corals, […]

Alage Quest: Terumbu Pempang & Hantu Island

Date July 28, 2012

In the quest for algae, I got the chance to dive at some really special places off Singapore. I’m really amazed at how beautiful our reefs are despite the heavy development that occurs around all our coasts and islands. If the reef are willing to work hard to survive, we should also do our best […]

Cuttlefish Laying Eggs

Date July 26, 2012

A female reef cuttlefish lays and then deposits her egg in a coral head along the reef crest at Semakau Island, Singapore.

Algae Quest: Semakau and Jong Island

Date July 26, 2012

Algae hunting in the southern islands took to a great start this morning. As soon as our boat pulled up along the west-side of Jong Island, we spotted two Great-billed herons walking along the water’s edge, poking about for food. Though they are the tallest birds you’re likely to encounter in Singapore, they are very […]

Algae Quest

Date July 25, 2012

Who cares about algae? Jeffrey Low does! And you should too! Algae provides food and shelter to many creatures on the reef. A famous and favorite amongst them is the Sargassum frogfish. Sargassum is a kind of marcoalgae, or seaweed. Some species of sargassum spend their entire lives drifting in the open ocean, never attaching […]

Close-up on Pulau Hantu

Date July 8, 2012

Hantu Blog volunteer and underwater photographer Jimmy Goh, who recently had his pictures published in the book Habitat’s in Harmony, gives us a close-up perspective of Pulau Hantu’s macro fauna, beginning with the beautiful sea slug above.