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Blog Log! August 26!

Date August 28, 2007

We had comparatively better weather than we had on last months Blog Dive. Despite there being rains throughout the week, the sunshine held up except for a very light drizzle after the first dive. Because of the improved visibility (3-5m) I spent most of my time shooting the colonies of coral which on other days […]

Videos from Sunday's Blog Dive!

Date August 28, 2007

Last Sunday’s Blog Dive went swell! Some of your might’ve already seen photos from that dive uploaded by regular Blog diver and Blogger herself, Chay Hoon. The Hantu Blog will be testing out a new method of photo-sharing on the Blog so the photos are going to take awhile to be loaded up. Please bear […]

Our New Gallery

Date August 10, 2007

hi all, We have just got our new gallery up, please click here to our gallery area.

Our New Look

Date August 8, 2007

Hi, Thank you for visiting pulauhantu.org (HantuBlog), we are currently working on the migration to this new server. Please visit our current active blog http://habitatnews.nus.edu.sg/news/pulauhantu/ for new posts.

Bumper harvest for anemone hunters

Date August 5, 2007

Research mission uncovers many new species in S’pore watersBy Shobana Kesava Straits Times 4 Aug 07 SOME gaze into the marine firmament to look for starfish. For Dr Daphne Fautin, sea anemones give her the thrills. As she peers down a microscope, Dr Fautin, 61, exclaims with excitement: Yet another discovery has been made here […]