Videos from Sunday's Blog Dive!

Date August 28, 2007

Last Sunday’s Blog Dive went swell! Some of your might’ve already seen photos from that dive uploaded by regular Blog diver and Blogger herself, Chay Hoon. The Hantu Blog will be testing out a new method of photo-sharing on the Blog so the photos are going to take awhile to be loaded up. Please bear with us!

Meanwhile, I shot a handful of cool videos on Sunday that you can get on with first!

Just before we were going to jump into the water, we spotted 2 juvenile batfishes playing just below the surface of the water. But after we jumped in and swam around to where they were, we couldn’t find them. We did find this Long-finned batfish in the deeper depths however, and shy one too! This was the only video I managed to get of it despite running into about 3 times on the reef!

I’ve alwayts felt mesmerised by watching the tentacles of Goniopora waving along the reef. Now you can get a feel of it too without the hassle of diving! The reefs of Pulau Hantu has some gorgeous “fields” of Goniopora colonies!

While taking a dive in the shallow, diver Chon Min spotted this adorable juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips. During this phase of its life, it’s much easier to shoot a video of this fish than a photograph, because as you can see, it just can’t stay still! The younger they are, the more “flippy” they tend to be.

On the last dive, also in the reef shallows we ran into about 2 families of Tomatoclown anemonefish living in HUGE and gorgeous carpet anemones. While you only see about 2 fish in this little clip, the rest of the anemone has about 8 other fishes hiding in various corners of the coral, running into the tentacles to hide whenever the camera got near!I’ll be uploading the photographs soon! So please come by again during the week to check us out!

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