Entries from January 2013

Visit to the mangroves with Shell

Date January 25, 2013

This evening, Ria Tan and I had the very special opportunity to share our wonderful mangroves with the staff from Shell. Most of the staff that came for today’s walk work at the Bukom Refinery just adjacent to Pulau Hantu. They have seen and heard of Pulau Hantu but have not been for a walk […]

Hantu Blog @ Tanjong Katong Girls School

Date January 25, 2013

The Hantu Blog gave a talk to about 90 students and teachers at Tanjong Katong Girls School on Thursday. Apart from learning lots about Singapore’s marine life, students also learned that there are many simple ways that ordinary people can become involved in our community to help promote and safeguard the future of our natural […]

Nudis Galore! Tozeuma shrimp and leaf-like sponge

Date January 22, 2013

It rained all day on Saturday and we wondered how the surface runoff would affect the water conditions at Pulau Hantu. When our boat pulled up along the reef, things looked good with the water a beautiful dark turquoise colour. The sky was overcast, there was no wind and the water was completely flat. “Like […]

A Close Look at the Critters of Pulau Hantu

Date January 2, 2013

In Dec 2012, Hantu Blog diver and passionate underwater photographer, Jeemee Goh, led a group of divers out to Pulau Hantu and descended onto a reef marred by poor visibility. Perhaps it was the monsoon rains combined with massive land and coastal developments that brought the tremendous amount of silt into our waters. Whatever the […]