Hantu Blog @ Tanjong Katong Girls School

Date January 25, 2013


The Hantu Blog goes to Tanjong Katong Girls School

The Hantu Blog gave a talk to about 90 students and teachers at Tanjong Katong Girls School on Thursday. Apart from learning lots about Singapore’s marine life, students also learned that there are many simple ways that ordinary people can become involved in our community to help promote and safeguard the future of our natural heritage.

The day before, some of the students had paid a visit to the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity, so they were very excited to see photos and videos of some of the specimens they saw at the museum, in the wilds of Singapore. Many were amazed at the fact that there are so many kinds of weird things to be discovered in our sea. One student came up to me to express her excitement after learning that the Neptune’s cup sponge, once thought extinct, was re-discovered in Singapore. The student pulled me aside to ask if I could tell her where the sponge was because she would so like to see it! So of course everyone was encouraged to get outdoors and explore our submerged backyards for the opportunity to see for themselves what Singapore has to offer!


Hantu Blogger, Debby Ng, with students from Tanjong Katong Girls School

When the videos were being screened, students oohed and ahhed and giggled themselves silly when they learned that Nemo the anemonefish would grow up to become a female because anemonefish are hermaphrodites! They were also introduced to the many types of sea slugs that can be found locally, and of volunteer opportunities with the International Coastal Cleanup, and Mega Marine Survey. At the end of the talk, many were eager to go on field trips to visit our Southern Islands, and some asked me about how they look forward to diving at Pulau Hantu even though they don’t have a divers license yet!

It was such a wonderful experience to share Singapore’s marine biodiversity with the enthusiastic students at TKGS and I look forward to seeing them out at sea in the future!

If you’d like the Hantu Blog to give a talk at your school, office, or at a public venue, please email us!

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