Entries from December 2009

To Save the Planet, Save the Seas

Date December 28, 2009

December 26, 2009 The New York Times For the many disappointments of the recent climate talks in Copenhagen, there was at least one clear positive outcome, and that was the progress made on a program called Reducing Emissions From Deforestation and Forest Degradation. Under this program, key elements of which were agreed on at Copenhagen, […]

Upclose and intricate on Hantu's reef

Date December 20, 2009

Once again, Blog volunteer Jimmy Goh returns from a trip at Hantu Island with some fascinating macro insights into local seas. What a lovely perspective of these usually skittish animals! (Above: Ornate goby)

Ocean acidification: the facts

Date December 17, 2009

Ocean acidification is the process caused by increasing man-made carbon dioxide emissions, by which the oceans are becoming more acidic. When carbon dioxide enters the ocean, it combines with seawater to produce carbonic acid, which increases the acidity of the water. Rising carbon dioxide emissions, primarily from the burning of fossil fuels for energy, has […]

Ocean acidification to devastate commercial fisheries

Date December 17, 2009

Previous studies have focused on the impact of acidification on coral reefs but not other marine organisms Commercial fishing in the northern hemisphere will be devastated by rising carbon emissions, according to the first major study into the impact of ocean acidification. A report by the marine NGO Oceana, presented to delegates at the Copenhagen […]

New Camera? Hantu's got models for ya'!

Date December 6, 2009

This weekend, Hantu Blog volunteer Cindy Tan took her new underwater camera out for a familiarisation dive at Pulau Hantu. Testing new equipment couldn’t be more fun! There’s nothing like being able to share the stuff you’ve seen underwater with someone else who wasn’t there. And having a reliable piece of equipment makes all the […]

Blog Log: Nov 29, 2009

Date December 6, 2009

Last Sunday, a full boat of veteran and brand new divers to local waters, took to the sea with the Hantu Blog dive guides. Despite the onset of the monsoons, the weathered stayed fair and sunny all through the day. Reportedly, the underwater visibility was also very accommodating, which made the first dive into Singapore […]

Blog Log: 27 Nov 2009

Date December 6, 2009

You won’t believe what Hantu Blog divers saw in and around Pulau Hantu recently! Blog volunteer dive instructor Jimmy Goh plunged into the very clear local waters twice this month. A surprise for this time of the year! Jimmy visited the islands of Hantu and Jong, which is just a few hundred meters away from […]