Entries from October 2009

Thought coral reefs were the "rainforests of the sea"?

Date October 9, 2009

Well, if you were at Siti M Yaakub’s talk about sea grasses this evening, you would’ve heard something else! Turns out sea grass beds are worth about ten times more to the global economy than rain forests! Siti’s enthusiastic presentation made learning about seagrasses fun and fascinating! With the simple diagram above (which Siti claims […]

Blog Log, 7 Oct 2009: Quiet weekday diving

Date October 8, 2009

Diving on a weekday means you pretty much have the entire island to yourself. With just a pair of divers with me, it was even better because we could extend our dives up to 70 minutes without making anyone else (but our skipper!) wait. With very favourable 4m visibility this Wednesday morning, we explored the […]

Sharks and other food fish caught off St John's Island

Date October 8, 2009

On my way to Pulau Hantu on Oct 7, Wednesday, I came across a fisherman who’d just returned from his overnight fishing trip off St. John’s island. He’d brought a small group of local recreational fishermen out to sea to fish as well. Amongst his catch were two Oriental sweetlips Plectorhinchus orientalis, 4 juvenile and […]

Abandoned fishing nets kill whales, turtles in the Andamans

Date October 7, 2009

A “Bruda whale” died after it became entangled in a fishing net. According to Phuket reports, the animal was two or three months old, measured 4.5 metres, weighed 600 kilos and had deep cuts from the netting. Photo from Phuketwan News In Phuket, many turtles have been forced ashore this monsoon season. They are either […]

8 Oct (Thu): "Dugongs: Mysterious Mermaids or Meat?"

Date October 7, 2009

Prof Helene Marsh is giving a talk about dugongs later this week! And a prelude to Prof Marsh’s talk is Siti Maryam Yaakub of TeamSeagrass. Siti will share about seagrasses of Singapore and the efforts being made to better understand manage these valuable ecosystems.

Jurong Island weighs options as land runs out

Date October 2, 2009

Choice between floating facilities, land reclamation to be made soon Ronnie Lim, Business Times 1 Oct 09; (SINGAPORE) Jurong Island is running out of land and Singapore will decide early next year on how to augment space at the oil and petrochemicals hub that houses biggies such as ExxonMobil and Shell. One option is to […]

Singaporeans feel government needs to invest more into arts, heritage, culture

Date October 2, 2009

Gladya Ow, Channel NewsAsia 30 Sep 09; SINGAPORE: Singaporeans feel that the government should pump more money into heritage and culture, than into sectors like tourism, IT and defence. Education topped the list, followed by investment in social welfare. This is according to a recent survey carried out by the National University of Singapore and […]

Sentosa IR shore: dredging, reclamation and other works

Date October 2, 2009

The following post was first published on Wild Shores of Singapore Work on the sea wall of Resorts World near the bridge to Sentosa that began in Mar 09 continues until Mar 2010.