Blog Log, 7 Oct 2009: Quiet weekday diving

Date October 8, 2009

Copper-banded butterflyfish

Diving on a weekday means you pretty much have the entire island to yourself. With just a pair of divers with me, it was even better because we could extend our dives up to 70 minutes without making anyone else (but our skipper!) wait.

Sea scape

With very favourable 4m visibility this Wednesday morning, we explored the path reefs off Pulau Hantu as well as some of its very busy fringing reefs. This season, the sargassum seaweed (which is actually a macro algae) has been growing rapidly. The seaweed now extends 6m from the reef crest all the way up to the surface. Hopefully the approaching monsoon season will rip some of them off and allow the coral some competition for light!

Gorgonian coral (Seafan)

There were a lot of crabs out this morning and afternoon but they were rather wary of the camera. It might have something to do with the visibility – they can actually see us approaching!

Serpent pteraeolidia

As always nudibranchs like this Serpent Pteraeolidia never fail to disappoint…

False clown anemonefish

Neither do the False-clown anemonefish (aka. Nemo)

There’re plenty more pictures to see and things to learn and discover! To view more pictures from this dive, visit the Hantu Blog Gallery.

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