Yellow-lipped sea krait

Date June 29, 2009

A young Yellow-lipped sea krait finds me on the reef as I try to untangle some fishing hooks snagged on the reef. After jumping out of my wits, I hit the video on my camera on and follow the young snake as it goes about the shallow reef, popping its head that encases some of the world’s most deadly venom, into little nooks and crannies on the reef. Eventually it goes up to the surface to take a quick sip of air and shoots back down into the water again. Please pardon my rather superfluous commentary at the surface (at the end of the 3rd video). I couldn’t help myself.

3 Responses to “Yellow-lipped sea krait”

  1. CaT said:

    Wow, great find! Nice videos but the 3rd one kinda gives me a headache, the seakrait moving so quickly…

  2. debby said:

    Haha yes. When tailing it underwater you really get a sense of the stripes having the illusion that its not moving as quickly as it actually is! It is amazingly fast esp considering it’s running out of air and has no feet! I was surprised at how fast it took a breath of air! Just a quick sip and it was back down again!

  3. cindy said:

    omg debby, i would have ran the other way instead of following it up to the surface… 🙂

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