Up close and personal

Date November 17, 2007


Hantu’s reefs have alot of potential for photographers, especially if they are looking out for macro stuff. A suitably rigged up camera and a keen set of eyes can leave the photographer gasping for more air as there’s hardly ever enough time to finish shooting everything.


Here’s a close up peak into the hidden lives amidst Hantu’s reef, as photographed by Ivan Choong who joined the Hantu Blog for its dive in late October. Ivan has been photographing underwater wildlife for several years and returns to Hantu often to rekindle the spirit of local diving.

One Response to “Up close and personal”

  1. Aquagrrl said:

    Amazing seahorse picture. Do you know what species it is? I’m going to guess Hippocampus comes, but I may be biased as that’s my favorite species!

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