UNEP South China Sea Project

Date March 3, 2008

scs-web.jpgUNEP Fisheries Expert, Christopher Paterson, visited the Hantu Blog and sent the following email:

“I was interested to read the aricle “Only 4% of untouched ocean left” on your blog “Pulau Hantu”, particularly your comments regarding the South China Sea.

I thought you may be interested in our South China Sea Project website.

This site was recently featured on the official Google Earth blog and can also be accessed via the Google Earth Showcase.

I hope that you and perhaps your readers will find some of the content on our website useful.

Congratulations on your excellent blog. I have added it to the links section of our website.”

The website contains insightful information about communities in the region and their interaction with the oceans, and discusses strategies and methods to mitigate their impact on the oceans.

Learn about projects that are being implemented in coastal and ocean habitats throughout the region, view fascinating maps with the help of Google Earth, and even speak with an expert that’s online through their website via Skype!

If you’d like to enrich yourself further, you can check out their calendar of events for the heads up on several of their workshops and conferences being held throughout the region. You may also have your opinions heard on their forum.

This is an indispensable website for recreationists, researchers alike. There’re so many things to discover and interact with, I almost missed my dinner whilst exploring it!

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