Talk: Are there Coral Reefs in Singapore?

Date April 20, 2008

DATE & TIME : Tuesday 22 April 11am – 12pm
VENUE : Function Hall Botany Centre

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Join Mr Jeffrey Low as he shares with us the splendor of our local coral reefs.

Synopsis: To start off the Biodiversity Talk series is our very own Mr Jeffrey Low from the National Biodiversity Centre Branch. He will share with us the splendor of Singapore’s coral reefs through an array of beautiful photos. Come join him in the exploration of our local coral reefs in the comfort of your chair.

About the Speaker: Jeffrey graduated from NUS in with a Bachelors of Science degree in 1988, and obtaining his Masters degree in 1999. He has worked on coral reef-related projects as a Research Assistant with NUS, first at the Reef Ecology Laboratory and then at the Tropical Marine Science Institute. He joined NParks in 2003 as a Senior Biodiversity Officer, overseeing development and marine conservation issues in the southern islands of Singapore.

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