Slugs, sharks and stripey fish!

Date May 23, 2007

Blog diver Geraldine Lee dived with us in March and shares these exquisite photographs with us!

Though she claimed they weren’t “professionally shot”, I think she managed to capture the essence and excitement of the dive, and another perspective that was missed by other divers who preferred to focus on the macro life. I certainly missed out on the bamboo shark and the golden travelly!

Frill fin gobies can be a challenge to photograph because they are good at making quick getaways. Here, Geraldine manages to get close enough to capture the colourful dorsal fin of an otherwise subdued-coloured fish.

Not only did Geraldine manage to get some nice wide shots, she even managed this cool closeup of a blue dragon nudibranch. Aren’t they spectacular?!

These red swimmer crabs and sometimes get pretty aggressive. Despite their threatening demeanour, they are shy creatures that are anxious to evade contact with curious divers!

Thanks to Geraldine and her dive buddies, this bamboo reef shark was relieved of its predicament. Bubu fish traps are indiscriminate, fishes caught can end up in the ornamental or food fish trade.

A bullocki nudibranch sniffs the current for some direction..

Tracking the movements of golden travellies. It looks like they were swimming around Geraldine! Something the curious fish sometimes like to do!

A great close up of a Seagrass filefish!

If you joined us on one of our dives and would like to share your photos on the blog or like us to put up a link to your photo gallery, please email us! We’d love to hear from you!

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