Singapore nudibranch wins!

Date November 24, 2009

Our beautiful nudibranch won in last week’s EOL photo contest!

Chromodoris lineolata

The Encyclopedia of Life has a lively EOL flickr group with regular contests themed around various aspects of the Planet’s amazing biodiversity. So it was a great surprise that our humble but very handsome Chromodoris lineolata won the contest about ‘stripes’. Other entries included spectacular zebras, stripey fishes and banded bugs, all of which I thought were fabulous too!

This photo now gets to join the Best of EOL flickr group! I’m really glad that Singapore’s own biodiversity gets featured on this global site.

Do consider submitting your photos to the EOL, and join in the regular contests so that more can learn that Singapore does have and cares for our biodiversity! Here’s my earlier post about how to contribute to the EOL flickr group which feeds into the EOL database.

The next contest is themed ‘Aquatic’ and is open for entries from today.

Treegrow, who is the very diligent and active admin for the group, shares more details: “Please compete with pictures of organisms that live in water or immediately at the water’s edge. Both fresh and saltwater creatures qualify. Bonus points for images that show the organisms in situ and/or that convey aquatic adaptations, i.e., characteristics of that allow the organisms to survive in water. Submissions will be open through next Monday (30 Nov).”

The EOL flickr site is also a gold mine of information. Treegrow started a discussion thread on Online Identification Guides and there’s a huge list of resources suggested covering what seems to be everything!

So drop by the EOL flickr group for a look around.

This post was first published on Wildshores on November 24, 2009

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