Singapore nightlife revealed

Date October 25, 2009

Thought this city was just about a 24hr buzz above water? Think again! Once the sun goes over the horizon, a bell is sounded for all sorts of bizarre critters to come out and roam the reef! It’s also a great time to get some photos of the fish because they were all asleep. Some fish, however, don’t sleep, and it can be startling to encounter them as they blitz past your face as they swim about in the dark. It doesn’t help that some of them can be quite big! But I’m sure they were as startled by me. (Above: Arrowhead crab with hydroid adornments, on softcoral)

Here’s a quick peek at some of the highlights from our 1hr night dive. To see more all the pictures, visit our gallery! (Above: Arrowhead crab with algae adornments, on seafan)

Do you see what I see? Take a closer look…

IMG_1463 inset
It’s a tiny little shrimp creeping along the seafan! There were two of them when before I shot this picture, but the other one scooted off real quick! I’ve no idea what kind of shrimp this is.

I was curious as to how this large crab managed to perch so securely on that flimsy and tiny seafan. Look at those pincers!

Abby spotted this after I spotted her in the darkness! What a super find!

Then, she went on to spot this little nudibranch.

Kite butterflyfish are usually very skittish. So I took advantage of the night and grabbed this shot of it sitting still (for a change!)

Colourful soft corals.

And of course, the star of the night! This is probably the largest octopus I’ve encountered in local waters. What a treat!

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