Pea-sized False scorpionfish

Date April 2, 2010

2874 false scorpionfish juv
False scorpionfish Centrogenys vaigiensis are commonly encountered on Singapore’s reefs. What tickled me about this particular encounter was that this particular individual must be the smallest of its species I have ever come across! Looking exactly like a miniature version of its adult counterparts, this tinsy fella squeezed itself at the base of a pink sponge, and appeared rather unsettled when it realised that it’d been discovered. Anyone who’s photographed an adult C. vaigiensis will be able to tell you that these guys, like the large reef cuttlefish, tend to prefer to remain still and trust their camouflage, than move and risk exposing themselves to danger/predators. Obviously this little guy has got a lot to learn! Being this tiny, it’d make a good snack for any carnivorous fish on the reef. Best be still buddy!

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