Once Upon a Tree

Date March 11, 2008


The Hantu Blog went out with the crew of Once Upon a Tree, a series about Singapore’s marine and coastal habitats, to be broadcast on Arts Central later this month. The episode that features the Blog will be aired later this month.

This was the 1st of 2 segments within the episode. The second will be conducted underwater. Blog volunteer Ming Sheng was present at the shoot to help out with documenting the days activities, amongst other things!


I was stoked to be able to work with Dr. Shawn Lum, seen in the above picture. He was great fun to work with! It was quite odd to be asked questions by someone who’s been in the field for so long. Half the time I was wondering if he was asking me questions he already knew the answers to! But it turns out there’re just so many things out there, and pardon the cliche, but nature is so full of surprises that we truly are learning new things everyday. Sometimes I’d consult with Ming Sheng, and he’s consult with Shawn and we’d awe each other with our shared knowledge.

2318208412_b05859227f.jpgMing Sheng and I also had some time to deviate, during which time we managed to spot some awesome creatures of the intertidal area. We must’ve spotted at least 3 octopuses! Some within their burrows, others boldly creeping over the coralscape. We also saw a dragonet whilst staring at a tiny flowercrab. It was awesome! There was also a bunch of squid eggs (or cuttlefish eggs?) on the reef. Seeing eggs are good. It means we’ve got a future.

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