Once Upon a Tree (Part 2)

Date March 18, 2008

(L-R) Jason, Alvin, Sue Lynn On Tuesday, the PFT crew and me went back to Hantu island to wrap up the shoot for the final episode of Once Upon a Tree II: Tides and Coastlines. The episode featuring the Hantu Blog carries the theme, “Hope”, and is intended to set the ending note for the state of our coastal and marine habitats, and the action that we have to take in order to safeguard our unique natural heritage.

Sue Lynn, Sam, Jason and Alvin

The last time we took an intertidal look at Hantu’s reef, but this time, we went underwater with co-host Sye-Lynn. The water’s were more turbid than we would have preferred but we tried out best to work with the elements! The conditions surrounding Hantu island certainly don’t make it easy for us to do underwater documentation. Fingers crossed that the crew managed to get all the footage they need to give a spectacular representation of Hantu’s reef!

I managed to get some pretty exceptional shots and videos myself whilst taking it easy underwater as the camera crew fussed over their shots! It began with this awesome video of a swimming feather star!

There was also this exceptionally confident file fish which was only about the size of both my palms!

Then there was this school of tiny fish that hung in the shallow waters near the surface.

Tigertail seahorse

And of course, there were seahorses. Plural. There were 2.

HUGE flock of birds IMG_4512IMG_4514Marine flatwormBlue spotted fan tail rayClam

These weren’t the only things we saw! There was also a sprinkling of other weird marine creatures and an aerial phenomenon was well – there was a MASSIVE flock of birds gathered over Hantu island. See what you missed! Swing by our gallery for a browse.

The series Once Upon a Tree will be aired on Tuesday, March 25 at 9.30pm (2130hrs). Need an email reminder?

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