On going damage control to clear slick on East Coast Beach

Date May 28, 2010

STOMPer Clifford was having his morning run at East Coast Park just now and spotted 2 cleaners clearing up the oil slick washed ashore the beach from a spill on Tuesday morning (May 25).

According to news reports, the oil spill on Tuesday morning was the result of a collision between an oil tanker and a bulk carrier. By late afternoon, the oil had spread from the SAF Yacht Club next to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal all the way to the chalets in East Coast Park. STOMP later received reports in the evening about the ugly sight and horrendous stench coming from East Coast beach.

In his email today (May 27), the STOMPer said:

“I was running at East Coast Park earlier today when I saw 2 cleaners doing damage control to clear the oil slick on the beach, outside the East Coast Park Sports Planet.

“The smell of the oil filled the air.

“Hopefully the smell will go off soon, best by this Saturday evening, because the route for the Adidas Sundown Ultra Marathon includes Changi and Fort Roads.”

One Response to “On going damage control to clear slick on East Coast Beach”

  1. sarah tan meng chin said:

    i will hope the oil will go away.poor malaysia their sea water is so clean and singapore oil make it dirty

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