IYOR talk at Maris Stella High School

Date February 15, 2008

IYOR Talk, Maris Stella High School The Hantu Blog kicks off the International Year of the Reef at Maris Stella High School with a talk by Chay Hoon and myself! Titled “Southern Haunt” my talk emphasized the beauty that is Pulau Hantu, it’s natural history and it’s threats. Told from a diver’s perspective, students were introduced to life that exists in an underwater realm, a realm that is far less accessible than we’d like it to be! What is to be discovered during the talk is also mostly unexpected as the myth persists that there is little life left in Singapore murky waters, or that diving is even possible!

IYOR Talk, Maris Stella High School For two hours, students from across all levels were treated to videos, pictures and most importantly, stories from our reefs, forests and shores! It’s a great thing we had Chay Hoon give the talk! With her wealth of experience and quirky stories from diverse habitats in Singapore, students were led to discover a truly unique and dynamic environment that exists right at our doorsteps! She had stories to tell about everything beneath the sky – from spiders and lizards to slugs and bugs! From their reactions and bizarre questions, it was apparent they were intrigued and astonished.

IYOR Talk, Maris Stella High School But the exciting part has only just begun. Our little two-hour talk is going to form a base for the student’s podcasting project, which their teachers have themed Environment & Conservation! What a great theme! If their projects prove to be of an appropriate caliber, we may have the opportunity to present their little projects about Singapore’s wild environment right here on the Hantu Blog! We’ll check back with them a few months down the road and hopefully we’ll have them present local flora and fauna from their own, unique perspective!

Surprise yourself! Learn more about this talk and other talks that are available to your school or office by visiting the IYOR website.

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