IYOR Launch

Date August 10, 2008

Hantu Blog at IYOR Launch

Ria provides a comprehensive write up of the IYOR Launch at the Botanical Gardens over this weekend on the IYOR Blog.

Hantu Blog at IYOR Celebration

She’s got lots of pictures and a run down of all the events and side shows that took places over the past two days. Meet the people who worked hard to get the event rolling and all the curious members of the public who had fun learning and networking. See what you’ve missed!

Southern Haunt Talk

You can still be a part of the IYOR Singapore Celebrates our Reefs efforts because the year isn’t yet over! Find out how you, your school or your company can still be a part of the effort to safeguard the future our our reefs through becoming aware, or volunteering your time.


See more pix from the festival at the Hantu Blog Gallery!

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