Human faces

Date November 17, 2007

The Hantu Blog's dive Crew (L-R) Hanping, Debby, Marcel

Everytime I blog or take a photo, it’s often of an animal or a group of animals, or of life underwater. But there’s a very important aspect to diving at Hantu and the Hantu Blog, and that’s it’s people. The Hantu Blog is run entirely by volunteers who are more committed than you can imagine, to ensuring our dives run smoothly and that we manage to even organise a dive every month!

Mr Lee: Crucial to every dive, a reliable and experienced skipper.

Take MingSheng for example, the photographer of the pictures in this post. For our late October dive, MingSheng, who’s a Malaysian, shuttled all the way back to his home in JB after we were done with the dive, and spent the night at a relative’s place just to help us out during the weekend. Of course, not all our volunteers have the need to do that. But making sure they are there for the public and for the education of our reefs once a month, for 12 months a year, is an effort that’s far beyond  being just enough.

Diving at Hantu is just one aspect of the Hantu Blog, and ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and educational dive for all onboard (including the crew! we’re always learning!) is just a small regular milestone for us.

Thanks to MingSheng for compiling these quirky photographs to show the other side of the Hantu Blog!

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