Hantu Blog reaches out at ADEX

Date April 20, 2008

Thanks to Ria for posting these pictures and her comments of the local conservation outreach efforts at ADEX today (April 19)! Without her swift photo taking action I wouldn’t have the opportunity to generate this little blog!

Not only did the event allow an exchange of information between nature groups and the public, but it proved to be a great platform for networking between volunteers from various fields of environmental work.

Diversity is important in environmental protection work because it is an extremely dynamic and organic movement that truly requires the synergy of organisations and individuals in order to be effective and up to speed.

It was inspiring to be amongst other similarly passionate individuals and motivating to meet young people who felt strongly about the environmental cause! Thanks to the ADEX organisers for kindly providing an area for Eco Village and kudos to them for conceiving such a great idea!

To read more about the other groups that participated and to view all the above pictures and more, visit the Wildfilms Blog and the IYOR Singapore Blog! If you missed us today,  you can still catch us tomorrow (April 20) for the final day of the expo! Hope to see you there!

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