"Hantu at it's Best!"

Date April 30, 2007

That’s what Hantu Blog volunteer Marcel dan Herder from the Netherlands texted me on my mobile phone after surfacing from the 2nd dive at Hantu last Sunday. He was so excited from his dive as he had to tell me as soon as the dive was over that he’d seen a huge blue cod, which we also call groupers.

Down with a cold, I missed out on Sunday’s dive but it seems it was one of the best days at Hantu since! Apparently 6m vis, which was very welcome for all. Even regular divers Chay Hoon and Wai were thrilled at the findings from Sundays dive, and they are out in local waters ALOT! So I get to experience the excitement vicariously though the wonderful and insightful Blogs of 2 very enthusiatic divers…

Apart from the common animals such as swimmer crabs and sea slugs and flat worms, the divers also spotted and photographed the elusive Gorgonian shrimp or Sawtooth shrimp, which we haven’t seen in awhile! Good to know that they are back on our reefs! These slender shrimps live on sea whips and remain hidden by staying absolutely still along the length of the coral, much like whip gobies! Below are some pix taken by Wai on her Fire & Light Blog.

Chay Hoon also managed to catch a glimpse of “not one but THREE!” ceratosoma (pictured below). See her account and pictures on the Colourful Clouds Blog and check out the other amazing pictures and creatures that were observed last Sunday.

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