Giant Reef Cuttlefish

Date June 29, 2009

To whet your appetite for the multitude of pictures and videos that are to follow, here’s a teaser of what divers with the Hantu Blog got to encouter over this very warm weekend!

This Giant Reef Cuttlefish was pointed out to me by volunteer dive guide Pei Min, I swam towards the direction her finger had indicated and continued to swim some more until a diver, stretched his hand towards me, with his camera just below my torso, fired off a snap, and I was thinking “What’s he shooting?” I tipped my head down and was really humoured by how well this HUGE cuttlefish was camouflaged! I was about to swim right over it! Aided by the murky waters of Hantu, (that were also unusually warm this weekend at 31deg C, 3deg up from the usual 28deg) this cuttlefish was practically INVISIBLE!

One Response to “Giant Reef Cuttlefish”

  1. Janina said:

    OMG…damn huge

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