FOEI – International Biodiversity Photo Competition

Date February 10, 2009

Friends of the Earth International has launched its annual photo competition, which will gather photos from around the world on the theme of “Biodiversity Lost, Biodiversity Preserved”.

The best shots will be featured in a series of materials we will launch in conjunction with the 2010 UN International Year of Biodiversity, including a calendar and an international photo exhibition.

We are looking for photos that reflect and celebrate the importance of biodiversity to people everywhere. We are seeking photos that capture what is being lost, and what the natural world provides: livelihoods, shelter, food and medicine, recreation, beauty, inspiration and joy, for a start.


Our competition is free and open to everyone, and we particularly encourage young people, women, and people living in the developing world to enter.


The deadline for entries is 1 April 2009 (not a joke!), but we appreciate receiving photos as soon as possible.


The judges will choose a total of 12 winning photographs as well as three “popular choice” photo per category. The winning photos will be announced in mid-April. Photos, both winning and non-winning, may also used for other Friends of the Earth publications and materials, in which case the photographers name, e-mail address and/or website will be displayed.


There are cash prizes for the winners: 400 euros for the first-place photos; 200 euros for the second-place photos; and 100 euros for the third-place photos.

Biodiversity Lost

Examples: logging; mining; large-scale fishing; climate change; desertification; plantations (including agrofuels, large-scale agriculture and GM crops); commercialization of biodiversity and biopiracy; urban and rural development and transport projects; etc.

Biodiversity Preserved

Examples: native species and ecosystems; small-scale, local, organic agriculture; community and indigenous forest and biodiversity management; cultural identity; seed-saving; green spaces like parks and gardens; etc.


This year’s panel of judges will include:
* Akintunde Akinleye, first-place winner World Press Photo 2007, from Nigeria
* Peter Menzel, US photojournalist and author of “Hungry Planet: What The World Eats”
* Daniel Beltrá (Spain, based in Seattle), environmental and nature photography specialist and winner of the 2007 World Press Photo prize for his work on soy plantations and Amazon deforestation
* Bangladeshi photographer G.M.B. Akash, first-place winner of the 2006 FoEI photo competition
* Indian photographer Shantanu Das, first-place winner of the 2007 FoEI photo competition.

MORE INFORMATION and competition rules see:
You can see the winners of last year’s competition at:

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