Flatworms and reef flats!

Date February 1, 2008

What an exciting dive it was last weekend! Now we’re really motivated to do more diving this year! Sure you saw of our photos from the last post, but there’s nothing quite like watching the animals and our divers in the ACTION of exploring and discovering new things in Hantu’s reefs!

Here’s an tinsy tiny flatworm that Pei Wen spotted whilst we were shielding from the monstrous current out in deeper water. Boy! Was she eagle eyed! Imagine how treacherous it must be for a tiny fella like that to be surviving in the rough habitat of the reef. With all the hungry fish darting about, does it have some sort of secret weapon?

And here we go creeping into the eerie and claustrophobic thicket of the sargassum “forest”. Even though we call it “seaweed” sargassum is really a kind oflarge brown algae. I wouldn’t have ventured in if not for the enthusiasm of my divers! It’s amazing how even though the area of the reef is relatively small compared to some greater reefs out there, there still so many different ways to dive it, so many things to explore, and a ton of things to discover!
Here we have the famous Tomato Clown anemonefish, one of 3 species of anemonefish that can be found in Hantu waters. As you can see, these fish are very shy, always trying to dodge the camera, into the safety of their anemone. Other types of anemonefish found around Hantu include the Flase Clown and the other being the Saddleback. The latter is a truly rare encounter!
Finally here’s taking a peek at what it’s like to cruise along the reef flats of Hantu with confidence! Sibling Wen Loong (who gave the “v” sign) and Pei Wen were amongst the most enthusiastic divers I’ve ever led!If you’re inspired to join us next month, drop us an email with your details!

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