Exploring Singapore's City Reefs!

Date October 11, 2009

Seafans or Gorgonians
When you surface from a dive at Hantu, the first things you see are oil refineries and industry all around. Surfacing from a dive at Keppel Bay, you’re surrounded not only by some of the most expensive real-estate on the island, but also by cranes and sky scrapers! Who’d have thought just putting your face under the water could yield such beautiful images!

Kite butterflyfishes
Check out what Chay Hoon, Abigayle and myself got to experience at this brilliant reef right in the heart of the city.

Streaked rabbitfish and Sergent major

Winged pipefish


Orbicular cardinalfishDiver under pontoon
(Left) Orbicular cardinalfishes were all over the place; Chay Hoon squints and photographs the mass of organisms encrusting the bottom of the pontoon.

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One Response to “Exploring Singapore's City Reefs!”

  1. Clement said:

    Amazingly full of life, isn’t it ? Considering the relatively short amount of time that the pontoons/marina have/has been there.

    Were there currents below ?

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