Excited eel

Date April 14, 2007

On Good Friday, the Hantu Blog visited Hantu’s intertidal reef. It was a refreshing perspective at Hantu’s underwater life that sometimes lives a life between the zones. It’s a harsh environment from a creature that needs water to survive, but we found out that the habitat is a bouty full of animals that know how to rough it out and find the means it needs to survive.

Here’s a video of an eel found scurring along the reefs in search for a meal. It was a very efficient worker, scouring through every nook and cranny, not to mention all the goby burrows that were scattered throughout!

Eventually the eel found something worth slowing down for inside a goby’s burrow. I finally got an idea of how deep a burrow could be. They always seem rather shallow burrows, but this eel almost managed to insert the entire length of its body into the hole! We stopped to observe it for awhile, and soon enough, a little goby showed up at the burrow entrance. Could that have been its home? Check out the video to see its reaction when it found more than a goby in the burrow!

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