Critters & Current

Date June 12, 2011

Text and pictures by Cindy Tan

Bamboo shark
My very first sighting of a bamboo shark at Hantu.

Bamboo shark
I was so excited when i spotted this fella, consumed lots of air! Pity no one else was around.

Tigertail seahorse
I’d dived at west reef many times but this was just the 2nd time that I spotted a seahorse on the fringing reef! Sweet!

How Chay Hoon spotted this little bugger of an allied cowrie, I don’t know.

I was amazed by Jimmy on this: I saw him look at the hydroids and one second later, he was banging his tank because he had spotted this Doto sp.

I like this shot, it’s like a baby asking me to carry it!

Tigertail seahorse, Hippocampus comes
Another seahorse!

Thanks to Chay Hoon and Jimmy for pointing out my first sea hare! Was awesome!

Sea hares are among the largest sea slugs to be seen, sea hares may be commonly seen on our Northern and Southern shores in silty and sandy areas near seagrasses and with seaweeds. However, they appear to be seasonal. Sometimes they are everywhere, at other times, none are to be seen.

Sea hares belong to the Class Gastropoda like snails. Like many other sea slugs, sea hares lack external shells as adults. Sea hares are NOT nudibranchs, which belong to a different Order Nudibranchia. (Source)

I managed to find a winged pipefish at the usual spot 🙂

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