Commemorating our 5th anniversary On Air

Date March 25, 2009

Yesterday the Hantu Blog commemorated 5 years of show casing local waters by going on the air with 938 Living Room host Pamela Ho. It was a fun 15 min on the air with Pam who’s also a diver. She visited Pulau Hantu several years ago and had heaps of questions about local marine life before the show started and kept them coming even after the show ended! It was such a pleasure to have the live interview with someone who’s so curious and eager to learn about what local waters have to offer.

“My friend went diving in Pulau Hantu and they said they saw a Giant barracuda! One of those big ones!” She exclaims first off the air, then reiterates when they mics are on.

This is the 3rd time that The Hantu Blog has gone on the air with 938 LIVE, and radio has certainly proved to be a very effective medium for promoting the work of the blog and to discuss the biodiversity of local waters with some listeners who might not actively go out to seek such information.

The first time we went on the air, The Hantu Blog received a total of 4000 hits at our website over 2 hours! It was mind blowing!

To think that several years back, we’d be calling up friends to fill up our dive boats because there weren’t enough people who knew about us or who were convinced that there was any good diving in Singapore, fast forward to today where we are booked out 3 months in advance and refusing people still… I think we’ve certainly come a long way.

Things can only get better for local marine areas and coasts because of the collective effort and immense energies that are being channelled to educate and inspire the older and newer generations. And with increasing global awareness about the need to protect and safeguard the future of our environment, I look forward to seeing the future.

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