Blog Log: 25 April 2010

Date April 26, 2010

allied shrimp
Despite the showers we’ve been having on the mainland, our Sunday was not only fair and sunny, it was also, relatively silt-free! That translates to: The visibility was great! Well, it wasn’t as good as it gets, but we were pleasantly surprised when as we descended into the brightly-lit waters of Hantu today. The allied shrimp in the seafan was one of the things we spotted on the first dive.

crinoid sponge
I also indulged in taking wide shots of some reef features, like this crinoid perched atop a colony of sponges. If you look closely you can also spot a pair of Copper-banded butterflyfishes.
cuttlefish 2
This fist-sized cuttlefish was doing a fine job hiding amongst the corals, but Hantu Blog divers have got special eyes to spot cryptic creatures like these, and the Sawtooth or Gorgonian shrimp amongst the branches of Black coral below.
Less cryptic as the two animals above but a thorough challenge to spot on the fronds of the Giant Hydroid is the tiny Doto sp. nudibranch. Check out its size relative to my fingertips!
We almost swam right past the foot-long Flathead below!
As usual, there were a host of fascinating and colourful nudibranches spotted all along Hantu’s reefs:
And of course, wait for it… Tigertail seahorse! Divers seem to be unable to get enough of them!
Divers also spotted Winged pipefish, octopus, and pufferfish during todays dive. I’m looking forward to seeing the videos/photos they got!
Check out the Hantu Blog Gallery for more pictures!

One Response to “Blog Log: 25 April 2010”

  1. Eric said:

    Regarding the three photos of nudibranchs (just on top of the Tigertail seahorse), I wonder what is their identification:
    photo 1: You mentioned that it should be a flabellinidae. Do you know which one?
    photo 2: is it a Chromodoris fidelis?
    photo 3: is it a Hypselodoris bullockii?

    Yes, I went to the library and found a nice book 🙂


    PS: hope the shoulder gets better.

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