Blog Log: 20 March 2011

Date February 21, 2011

Divers at Pulau Hantu experience an invertebrate bonanza! (Above: Bornella anguilla and Cuthona sibogae feed on a hydroid)

Technology is amazing. A decade ago, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to blog about Pulau Hantu while seated in the foothills of the Himalayas. I’m on assignment in Nepal, but social networks and 3G technology has allowed me to keep up to date with Blog volunteer activities in Singapore. (Above: Bornella sp.)

As soon as I touched down in Kathmandu airport, the first message I spot from Singapore comes from Hantu Blog volunteer dive instructor Lam Pei Min. She says, “We saw frogfish at Hantu today! And a shark, blue spotted ray, pipefish, many flatworms, many nudibranchs, seahorse, saw-tooth shrimps, cuttlefishes, and cowries!” It felt as if I never left home. (Above: Cuttlefish)


Then as soon as I get to my hotel and turn on my computer, I receive an email with a link to images from the dive, already uploaded online, ready for me to view and add to this week’s blog post! These stunning images by Hantu Blog’s volunteer dive instructor Jimmy Goh captured intimate moments of some of Pulau Hantu’s most brilliant critters! (Above: Chromodoris sp. nudibranch)


Although I couldn’t be a part of this weekend’s dive, I still experienced the thrill of being at the dive! Being able to receive updates in real time really helped to bridge the distance between this land-locked nation and the Island Republic. Being away from home makes me miss even more, the brilliance of Singapore’s underwater biodiversity. (Above: Cuthona sibogae)

Visit the Hantu Blog Gallery to view more images from this dive.

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