Argh! My eye!

Date March 30, 2010

Blog volunteer Cindy Tan writes:

Picture quality isn’t good but what happened after this photo was interesting…

The crab stuck its claw at the ray’s eye (or the space beneath it), then the ray started jerking around… but cos we were “blocking” the way, the poor ray could not escape and ended up thrashing about even more until we backed out and it “ran” away…

One Response to “Argh! My eye!”

  1. Cindy Tan said:

    have to include Min’s comment too…

    the stingray started the fight!!! It flapped its “wings” n stirred up so much silt dat’s y the crab kena blinded n got irritated so it anyhow poked its claws ard den zun zun poke into the stingray’s eye pocket… 😛

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