Angels and Demons

Date October 2, 2007

From mean, uncompromising and territorial Damselfish to enchanting silhouettes, frolicsome anemonefish and blithe butterflyfishes… here’re some videos from the Blog Dive on September 30th.

Terrorial Damselfish

Contemplative Gymnodoris

Nonchalant Tomato clown Anemonefish

Cherubic Six-banded angelfish

Lounging Batfish

Scouring Copperbanded Butterflyfish

Some of the videos have a green tint because I forgot to white balance my camera before beginning the shoot. I will remember next time so I can afford you a better and more true-to-life viewing experience!

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2 Responses to “Angels and Demons”

  1. Chern Liang said:

    Thanks for the Diving Photos and Videos! Brought back nice memories from the dive trip! 🙂

  2. Jazlyn said:

    Knocked my socks off with konweldge!

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