7th Anniversary Yeehar

Date March 21, 2011

Sunrise at Hantu
By Cindy Tan, Volunteer Reef Guide

Four dives at my favourite local spot. We were blessed with great visibility and that the critters came out to play. Currents picked up at night dive (ain’t easy to take pictures in strong currents) and had to abort the dive. 🙁


It was a fantastic outing. Seahorse, bamboo shark, sawtooth shrimp, nudibranches, plenty flatworms, lots of arrowhead crabs at night, and my highlight – the giant barracuda. Unfortunately, I could not get a picture (as I was too frightened of it to move… plus, I was carrying a macro lens) but my buddy Agnes saw it too! Just so you know I’m for real 😉


To view more pictures from this dive, visit The Hantu Blog Gallery.

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