4th Anniversary Video Log!

Date March 25, 2008


In case you haven’t already heard, the Hantu Blog’s 4th Anniversary celebrations on the island and it’s reef was uber fantastic! Everyone was nervous about the outcome, what more with the relentless rain we’ve been having for the past week! Dark clouds made the morning appear ominous but as we entered the early afternoon, things started to look a bit brighter. As we entered the water, things also turned out a lot CLEARER than we’d expected!


Yes, Hantu waters (or local waters for that matter) are infamous for their visibility (or lack of). But there’s also a saying that runs “the most difficult paths lead to the most beautiful views”. I’m sorry, but this particular post is for me to brag (not often do I get to do that!) about the great escape 8 divers, 3 volunteers and myself made to our southern island ocean this past weekend. It was like a dream – the water, weather, company and conditions were perfect. We couldn’t have asked for more. Even for some of Hantu’s most seasoned divers, this the 4th anniversary marked one of the best times we’ve had discovering, documenting, and PLAYING in our waters.

Here’s a prelude to the photo blog that will be coming up soon. Enjoy these videos!

Not every crinoid is this expressive. I know we recently posted a video of a larger one swimming quite bombastically though the water, but this was seemed to have a mission – to boldly go where no crinoid has gone before! We got a little worried as it seemed to ascend way above the reef and towards the surface! We hoped it eventually found its way back to the safety of the reef!

Batfish meets Jellyfish: I was playing around with this jellyfish at first, taking some pictures and sorts, when I just started to shoot a video of it, I was startled by a largish figure that entered into my frame (as can be told by the sudden jolt during the shoot). It turned out to be a young Longfinned batfish. These are absolutely gorgeous fish. Some of them can be quite curious and follow divers along the reef. It was nice to bump into one. Or have one bump into me rather!

Map puffer fish: It’s been awhile since I ran into one of these great massive puffer fish. They like to take it easy during the day, hanging out on the seabed, watching the world go by. Like veterans on the reef, they probably sit there pondering why the rabbitfish bother to swim about so much. “What’s all the rush about?”

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