26-27 Feb Symposium: How will Singapore’s shores cope with climate change?

Date February 11, 2014

Learn more at this FREE symposium on the impacts of sea level rise, extreme weather events and spread of invasive species on Singapore’s shores. Also about our natural ecosystems: seagrasses, coral reefs, mangroves and awesome marine life like giant clams!

The symposium will be a great opportunity meet with scientists, engineers, people from government and corporations who care about the future of our shores. Register online ASAP.

Climate Change Adaptation: Aquatic Invasives and Coastal Restoration Symposium

Dates: 26 Feb (Wed) and 27 Feb (Thur) 2014
Time: 9am–4.30pm (Registration on the first day, 26 February, at 8:30am)
Venue: Botany Centre Function Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens (entrance near Gleneagles Hospital)

Overview: Climate change is predicted to have multiple impacts on the aquatic environment. Two areas of relevance to Singapore’s aquatic environments are aquatic invasive species and coastal modification. Climate change can potentially facilitate biological invasions through its effects on various stages of the invasion process. For example through the modification of introduction pathways, environmental constraints on establishment/spread of invasive species, distributions of introduced populations, invasive species impacts, and the susceptibility of invasive species to management. In coastal ecosystems, sea level rise and increases in extreme weather events result in a concomitant demand for coastal defences including sea walls and similar armour. Furthermore increases in sea surface temperature are predicted to have negative effects on near shore habitats, especially tropical coral reefs and associated ecosystems. A greater understanding of aquatic invasive species and the state of coastal the coastal environment will facilitate ongoing and future conservation management efforts.

Speakers: There will be keynote presentations as well as shorter talks on both areas by leading international experts, local researchers and agencies.

The mix of talks on aquatic invasives and coastal restoration is aimed at disseminating information to researchers, students, planners, managers, relevant/interested government agencies, and the general public.

We hope that you will be able to join us and interact with the topical experts. We would be most grateful for your RSVP  by the 12th February 2014.

On behalf of the organising committee from NUS, TMSI, and NParks
Darren Yeo, Peter Todd, Zeng Yiwen, Neo Mei Lin

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