New Year, New Dive

Date February 19, 2011

By Jimmy Goh, Volunteer Dive Instructor & Volunteer Manager
Weather was holding up from the rain filled days before the monthly trip, and we set off on the boat at 930am, with some divers whom have never dived in singapore waters before. The Sea was calm, and the weather was good. When we arrived at Pulau Hantu, I checked the tide tables and realised there would be very strong current for the whole day. Hence we decided to dive at the western reef.

Visiblity wasn’t the best, about 1m and the water was terribly green. But at least we were sheltered from the currents.
The divers enjoyed both the dives although they didn’t see a lot during this trip, but they were pretty amazed by the reef that we have in our water.

After then 2nd dive we returned to marina and everyone was very satisfied and happy!

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