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The Least Remote Reef

Date October 6, 2013

Mathieu Meur has been photographing the underwater world for over 20 years. On his photo blog, he writes, “Iā€™m fortunate to dive some of the nicest, and sometimes most remote, corners of our planet.” Among his list of dive sites that include Micronesia and Costa Rica, is our humble little city reef, Pulau Hantu.

Hantu on the Rebound?

Date July 29, 2013

After the coral bleaching and quiet reef experiences from the last few dives, it may look like the season is beginning to turn, with seemingly cooler waters and more reef life being spotted by our divers. The visibility has also appreciated, allowing a few of us to wander off into the deep to explore the […]

Batfish, Bornellas, and Blennies in Bottles!

Date April 8, 2013

As the boat pulled up alongside the reefs of Pulau Hantu, and we gazed down through the water at the corals below, I reminded the divers that surface visibility can be very deceiving as conditions can be quite different once we descend below. Perhaps it was the evening showers we had on Saturday night that […]

Hantu Blog Celebrates 10 Years!

Date March 27, 2013

The Hantu Blog marked its 10th Anniversary with lotsa slime! Our spineless friends got out in full force to make it a busy dive for all our special guests at the reef! Here’s a quick look at some of the wonderful and bizarre sea slugs we saw on Sunday!

Seahorses and Hermaphrodites

Date February 20, 2013

Seahorses are known to enter shallow areas when they are ready to mate. Perhaps the special time of the year when seahorses pair up and mate is soon approaching or recently occurred, because during last weekend’s visit to the reef at Pulau Hantu, divers spotted lots of seahorses, and some of the boys had their […]

A Close Look at the Critters of Pulau Hantu

Date January 2, 2013

In Dec 2012, Hantu Blog diver and passionate underwater photographer, Jeemee Goh, led a group of divers out to Pulau Hantu and descended onto a reef marred by poor visibility. Perhaps it was the monsoon rains combined with massive land and coastal developments that brought the tremendous amount of silt into our waters. Whatever the […]

Cuttlefish, Pipefish & Seahorses

Date October 15, 2012

Divers were treated to a grand presentation of underwater Pulau Hantu this weekend, possibly the best presentation this whole year! With an extraordinary seven meter visibility, we took the opportunity to explore new and deeper parts of the reef. We literally got to see the reef “in a new light”! One of our volunteers, Edwin […]

Baby Seahorse & Invisible Octopus

Date August 2, 2012

Low visibility conditions continue to keep the reefs of Pulau Hantu in the shadow, that is, until our volunteers show up to shed some light! Divers reported “good diving” over the last weekend of July, and understandably so – we haven’t seen seahorses in quite awhile. Though they are known to be common on our […]

Close-up on Pulau Hantu

Date July 8, 2012

Hantu Blog volunteer and underwater photographer Jimmy Goh, who recently had his pictures published in the book Habitat’s in Harmony, gives us a close-up perspective of Pulau Hantu’s macro fauna, beginning with the beautiful sea slug above.

Diving in the Hot Season ā€“ Blog Log 15 April 2012

Date April 15, 2012

Reticulated pufferfish Photo: Khoo Min Hui What better way to beat the April heat than to spend it underwater at Pulau Hantu? A handful of divers today braved the 31degC temperatures, plunging into the waters with huge sigh of relief before descending into appreciably clear waters of Pulau Hantu’s reef. First on their list was […]